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Image of To Kalon Vineyard in the Napa Valley wine region

To Kalon Vineyard

Over the last 150 years, To Kalon Vineyard's consistent fine quality has made it one of the most coveted in the world.

Located between the sheltering Vaca and Mayacamas mountain ranges in Napa Valley, To Kalon Vineyard’s well-drained, gravelly soil allows the vines to root deeply finding precious moisture and nutrients. The broad diurnal temperature shifts and reliable sun, wind, and fog, provide and ideal blend of growth and rest for complex flavor development.

Meet Andy Erickson

Winemaker Andy Erickson credits this art with helping him develop a mastery of his craft. Listening over the decades to the wealth of information that the people of Napa Valley have generously shared, and to the land and its fruit. This long
journey of mind and senses has led him back to legendary To Kalon Vineyard and a new quest to craft unique expressions from Napa’s splendid bounty.

Nearly 30 years ago, Andy got his first taste of To Kalon Vineyard. He’s been obsessed ever since: “The incredible quality of the land, the incredible history. It’s a true gift to work with.”